Distance Healing – Chronic Pain Relief

What is Pain?

chronic pain reliefPain can be described and defined in many ways.

From Wikipedia:
 ”Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience
associated with actual or potential tissue damage,
or described in terms of such damage.”


During my years of practicing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), I grew into a deeper understanding of pain and all the endless variations of this phenomena. The character, and the extremely small nuances of the pain gave the information needed to proceed with a suitable choice of treatment. This article is not meant to dive into the vast depth of the diagnoses within Chinese Medicine, though this was the path that opened my view to see pain as an invaluable communication - an internal system of intelligent signals.

In the Wikipedia-definition above, pain is described as “an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience”, and with my own words, I would describe it to be like an unseen protector. A protector making us aware of threats that are physically harming the body functions.

At a deeper level, this “protector” also tells us when we are in a destructive state of mentally and/or emotionally blocking ourselves. Pain always indicates some kind of blockage of the energies. The dynamic flow in the energy can be lost due to the wide range of states varying from excessive and overflowing energy forcing its way… to lacking, empty and powerless energy resulting in stagnation.

What causes chronic pain?

My view of this is truly straight and simple. Pain becomes “chronic” when we keep ourselves blocked in a chronic state. Then life appears as an endless struggle, looping one symptom of chronic pain after the other.  By all means, we try to subdue it, and with medical treatments we try to defeat it… or at least to silence it. We get trapped in a hopeless battle, and try to RESIST it to escape…  to feel a RELIEF.

Though, resistance and relief do not walk hand in hand. What we resist persists!

We have neglected and overlooked the whole meaning with the communication from the “protector”. This is mostly due to lack of knowledge of how to listen and how to meet the pain.

How do we find relief from chronic pain?

In a dynamic universe of vibrating energy – nothing can become more chronic than we make it – in the mind!

The bodies constantly reproduce the cells “coded” by the DNA, and keep on creating “defective” cells – unless we allow the core energy to be fully reconnected and realigned.

How can this be done? Well, unfortunately, it is the simplicity that makes this so difficult for the minds to digest. Maybe that is why we refer to recoveries as “miracles” or just “pure luck”, instead of allowing it to be a natural and simple process.

Let us go back to the saying; “What we resist persists.” I wrote that resistance and relief do not walk hand in hand. Allow me to modify that a little. In a way, they are to be found in the same place. You see, resistance in itself, is the same communicating signal as the pain is. When we become aware of how we resist our own life in our thoughts, we have found the door to Relief. It is to be found within the resistance… and within the pain.

When we allow ourselves to observe our own thoughts, we find out that we spend all our time either grasping for something… or avoiding something else. Few are the moments when we just stop to be OK in the moment – just the way it is.  No grasping. No avoiding.

Therefore, do not avoid or fight the pain.

- Open the door to your Heart, and just allow the pain to be there.

- Listen to the pain. What is it you are avoiding in your life? Be honest with yourself.

- Allow whatever you are avoiding, and you will soon see how it dissipates all by itself. It can only exist as long as you keep on resisting it.

In a state of relief, Source Energy (= your energy) automatically finds its way back to a dynamic and harmonic flow. The energy “knows” its origin and has intelligence far beyond the minds. There is no need to make this more complicated than it is – even if we are used to call this “chronic pain“.

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