The Surprise of the Mayan Birthday Calendar

wildcat_doveSpiritual…? Yes. Curious…? YES!

Sill, in spite of all the media attention the Mayan Calendar has been given the last years – it has not peaked my interest to look deeper into any details of this ancient wisdom.  That is – until last night.

Last night my partner Paul found a website where you can “calculate your Mayan Birthday”, to get a short interpretation in accordance with the Tzolkin – the Mayan personal and astrological calendar. Paul got my attention when I heard his surprised exclamation there from the other side of the desk.

“Wow, can you believe what it says on my birthday? I´m Eb (among the 20 Star-Glyphs) and the animal related to my day is… Wildcat! Can you believe it!?”

Knowing how deeply rooted the symbol of the Wildcat is to Paul, I agreed that it was a funny coincidence – and certainly right on spot.

“Can you check my birthday?” I asked.

Soon after that Paul bounced up from his chair almost freaking out; “Someone must be kidding me!” and continued, “Someone must have hacked my PC!”

If he got my attention before, he certainly got my immediate curiosity now. So I rushed around the desk to see his screen. “What did it say? I asked, still laughing at Paul´s reaction.

Then I saw the screen and read… “

Ahau (Light)
Native Names: AHAU [a how'], AJPUU
Common Mayan Usage: lord, ruler, flower
Qualities: union, wholeness, ascension, unconditional love, solar mastery, Christ consciousness, language of light, ecstasy, limitless bliss, crown
Symbols: sun, dove


DOVE!  Wow! Bang on – again!

Suddenly it felt as if we had just entered the doorway into the Mayan universe within our hearts. Wow! With a  newborn curiosity, I have made some more reading today. No other site mentions either “Wildcat” or “Dove”, and that also strengthens my inner knowing that it was NO coincidence that Paul happened to visit this particular website.

For those who do not know me and Paul that well. Feel free to visit our Facebook profiles. Paul “Wildcat” Sutherland and Annette “Dove” Duveroth. The Wildcat and the Dove are so strongly connected to our souls and life paths… and we had no idea that they were symbols of our birthdays as well.

Feel free to read your own Mayan Birthday here:

My birthday is 8 Oct 1969, if anyone is curious to read more about me… ;)

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  1. Yep, so spot on, the mayans were amazing. Cimi (death/transformer) here, no major illnesses, no bad accidents, never been in any form of extreme violence and well, no sudden death either lol. No goal in life and I am still living on intuition and faith. After reading chinese/western astrology, I just decided to stick to my mayan day sign. Easier, friendlier and more believable.

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