Finding the Path of Least Resistance

Led step by step along the way…

Deep inside your true desire is known for certain.After a long “pause” in my eagerness to create and share, I am back – fully living my life in accordance with my deepest dreams, desires and visions!

Recently, something truly special came in my way to remind me of “who” I am, and why I am here. This came not only to “remind” me, but also to reawaken the flame of dreams within my Heart

About 15 years ago, I committed myself to learn how to live my life in accordance with The Path of Least Resistance – The Dao. This ancient wisdom had peaked my attention and awakened a deep longing to live in a simple, natural, peaceful and happy way. Though back then, my perspective was way too limited to grasp or even imagine the depth of what this was all about.

I had a record of always achieving what I had set my mind to achieve, and I was therefore totally unaware of the truth. It was this drilled and allied “asset”,  I called my mind  that also was the only thing blocking me from finding the path of least resistance.

I am open to admit that it took me several years to understand that it was this very part, which I had firmly identified as the successful “Me, that also was the foundation of all resistance and struggle I experienced.

Step by step my path pulled me in the direction to realize that the way of least resistance is all about letting go of our own inner resistance. To accept what IS, and to allow it to BE.

The art of surrendering

I choose to see this as the Art of Surrendering and express it as an art since it holds so many levels and dimensions far beyond all written and spoken words. Frankly, all those wise words we eagerly share, comment.. or like… in today´s online communication, are totally useless unless we make them our practice… our living… our knowing and our way of Being. There is no “midway” in the practice of this. We either choose to surrender – or we do not.

To surrender the Ego… to surrender to Love…  Regardless of how we choose to express this, it is quite simply an ongoing process of peeling off layer by layer of our sensation of resistance towards what we are in each present moment.

The missing piece

This is where I was a few weeks ago. Continuously observing my thoughts and feelings. What did I still avoid? What did I still grasp for? What sense of resistance was there for me to let go of…?

Feeling peaceful… feeling free…  Still, there was something missing, and I could not define what it was. I had taken myself all the way from wanting, hoping and believing into a deep sense of knowing, and still not being able to reach into the inspired, spontaneous and eager creative source I knew was residing within my heart.

It was then Andy Shaw crossed my path with his books: “Creating a Bug Free Mind” and “Using a Bug Free Mind”.

A Bug Free Mind by Andy Shaw

Intuitively, I stopped to have a closer look at the content of these books. I was impressed, though I put it to the side again with the thought that it was too “mind based” for me. I had already found my path to my heart and was no longer interested in focusing on any “bugs in my mind”.

Ironically, I was soon to find out that this had been just another trick of the Ego to keep me away from finding my missing piece. Some days later, Paul mentioned the very same books, and I immediately felt that deep pounding in my heart – the longing to be fully free to allow my life to be a creative expression. My curiosity was triggered again… and from Paul I could sense a new glimpse of certainty.

Of course, we bought the books and got captured in listening our way through the audio versions. I found myself to be amazed how Andy had managed to create a way of taking the reader/listener by the hand and walk him/her through the whole process of letting go of ALL limitations of the mind.

I allowed myself the time to go deep inside, to re-awaken and empower the dreams and desires I had more or less forgotten. Through this process, I also found the “missing” depth and glow  – THE CERTAINTY of my dreams.

“Deep inside your true desires are known for certain.”

~ Annette Duveroth ~


The message had been there just before my eyes all the time, though I was too blind to see it. It was the glimpse of certainty that I had sensed coming from Paul. My heart reorganized it and showed me the way…

Find your path to “A Bug Free Mind”…

If you feel curious to find out more about “A Bug Free Mind”, I can recommend you to download the first 5 chapters FREE through this link.

And/or, stay tuned to read my coming blog posts, since I intend to give these books (and Andy Shaw) more of my credits to give others a glimpse of their true value.

In my opinion, the market is over flooded with misleading and incomplete methods for personal and spiritual awakening. When I find a true gem – I share it. 

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