Universe leads us back to our true awareness…

white doveDuring my 16 years here at the farm, Askamölla, I have had the fortune to meet various kinds of both tamed and wild animals. Living with the forest, the lake and the fields just outside our garden, we have had many visitors from “wildlife” occasionally and silently strolling by.

Some days ago, we had a new (and to me very special) visitor suddenly sitting on the doorstep. Just sitting… waiting…

I was working on my PC, pondering and looking out of the window when my eyes suddenly caught sight of a white dove sitting on the doorstep at the front of my clinic. A WHITE DOVE!

Unstoppable questions immediately started to rise. Where did this dove come from? In the summertime, we have plenty of gray pigeons around the place, but now, in wintertime… and a white one…? This dove did not seem to have any eagerness to move on either. It was just sitting there. Was it carrying a message? Was there a higher purpose behind this? Or, was it just a white dove that had chosen to land to get a rest?


I had my mobile at hand, so I decided to get as close as possible to take a photo. Gently, I walked towards the dove and when I was at about 20 meters distance, it jumped down from the steps and started slowly to walk some steps away from me. Thereafter it lifted and flew in circles above the yard before it took off and disappeared out of sight.

The white dove was gone. Though, at the same time, I could so clearly sense a deep resonating presence within me. It was still there – in my heart. It flew away – to come closer to open my awareness to remember… To remember whom I am.

Some of you might already have read my blogposts:

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Then you already know how Universe step by step has led me to remember the vibration and awareness of the divine pureness, “the Dove”, in my heart.

Recently my life has tossed me around in new challenges, and I had more or less blocked out the space of this “dove”. Gently the power of the unified field leads me back on my path – again. Universe reminds me to trust the dove residing within my heart.

With the dove as my “teacher” I end this post with a quote of Gangaji:


The truest teaching is like a bird
flying across the sky.
It leaves no tracks that can be followed,
yet its presence cannot be denied.

- Gangaji -

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